Software Development


We are specialized in information systems for personal computers and mobile platforms. Our products can be based on the following programming languages:

  • Java
  • C#
  • C++


Software Development

A special care is always taken to develop a clean,  extensible product that follows all modern standards and directions. Customer care is one of our primary goals. Try us out!


IT systems Integration

Today's abundant supply of software requires high degree of software integration. Often small integration input can produce high yields in terms of saved time and money. We're offering:

  • integration of different software packages
  • data import and export facilities
  • database integrations
  • database imports/exports




Mobile Apps

To complete the automatisation offer, we're also producing software for mobile platforms. We have specialized on Android platform. We can provide:

  • mobile apps for remote industrial control
  • mobile apps for display of historical/statistical tracking data


We're also present on Android Market with the following publicly available apps:

  • DrawPad, a simple drawing app
  • PhotoPad, a simple drawing app with camera support
  • Locator, an app for location information export